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I like the tailored approach and I apply it to the jewels: this is how the work starts, lovingly handcrafted... starting from my hands. And after one last trial, the jewel will be completed. The final step is to prepare its personal case. I use natural stones (such as rose quartz, amethyst, smoked quartz, rock crystal, onyx, turmaline, agate, rubies, aquamarine, etc...), natural pearls, Murano or Bohemian glass pearls, elements in silver or gold plated silver, polished or satin. All these elements may be joined with silver chains, silk threads, with stringing technique with or without knots, silver threads with classical stringing. Stone pearls may be smooth or multifaceted, polished or satin, round, square, oval... at times I chose asymmetric forms.

My curiosity and continuous experimentation make me discover new components and work on different forms.

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